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Online Safety

Whether your child is online for remote learning, doing homework, or using the internet for entertainment there are plenty of online dangers lurking. Technology has made it possible for child predators to gain easy access to children from blogs, video sites, social networking, and video games.

Back-To-School Safety

You think you have given your children all of the back-to-school essentials they need for a successful school year. You have filled their backpacks with new pencils, notebooks, and even Kleenex, but have you given them the tools they need for proper body safety?

How to Join Us During Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a nationally designated month to acknowledge the importance of communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. During this month the Children’s Advocacy Project will be sharing ways you can get involved in raising awareness for child abuse prevention every day of the month, check out the calendar below for ideas on how to get involved or follow us on Facebook!

Plant Your Own Pinwheel Garden
Planting pinwheels represents the happy, healthy childhoods we want for all children.

Every year, the Children’s Advocacy Project plants a pinwheel garden to help raise awareness for child abuse prevention. This year, we are asking you to join us by planting a pinwheel garden of your very own during the month of April!

Child Abuse and Covid-19

In 2020, home became the intended safe space to shelter from coronavirus, but the sad fact for many children is the majority of child abuse happens at home and happens within the family. With schools closed, teachers and other school staff who make up the largest portion of child abuse reports were no longer regularly seeing children to be able to spot the signs of abuse.