The Children’s Advocacy Project (CAP) is a team of committed agencies and individual professionals who work together to provide coordinated forensic and comprehensive services for alleged victims of child maltreatment and children who witness violence in order to minimize trauma to children, to break the cycle of abuse and to foster a more effective and efficient community response to child maltreatment.


The mission of the Children's Advocacy Project (CAP) is to end the cycle of violence that endangers generations of children. CAP works daily to achieve this goal by continuing to operate a fully comprehensive children's advocacy center in Casper, Wyoming. Through a collaborative effort with partner agencies and the direct services provided at CAP perpetrators will more likely be held accountable for their crimes to children and the children can begin to heal.

  • We work together with a multidisciplinary team of partner agencies to achieve our program objectives.
  • To enhance inter-agency coordination in the investigation and treatment of child maltreatment;
  • To minimize further trauma to the child victim and non-offending family members by training professionals and coordinating services in a centralized, child and family-friendly environment;
  • To improve the quality of evidence collected;
  • To increase community awareness of child maltreatment;
  • To serve as a multidisciplinary resource for the expansion of this program to other communities in the state.