The Children’s Advocacy Project has served nearly 4,000 children since opening in 2002 and today continues to help 300 children a year on average.

These are children who need healing, justice, and a chance to dream again. Not only do we serve these children, we also serve their family members in finding peace and a way to move forward. This work isn’t done in a bubble and cannot be done alone.

Helping children find healing is a job done by multiple people at numerous agencies who join CAP to form a multidisciplinary team.

The District Attorney, Victim Services, Law Enforcement, Social Workers (Department of Family Services), Forensic Interviewers, Nurse Practitioners, Therapists, and Child and Family Advocates make up the team of professionals working together to provide comprehensive services for alleged victims of child maltreatment and abuse. Together we provide the resources and knowledge needed to create a timelier and more coordinated response to these children, their families, and the community.

Child abuse isn’t an issue that a single person or even a single organization can cure.

The prevention of child abuse and maltreatment is a problem that can only be solved by an entire community working together to educate themselves, their children, their friends and family, and even their neighborhoods. The Children’s Advocacy Project, being one of few advocacy centers in Wyoming is here to share our resources, our knowledge, and our voice with you, so that we, as a community may better work together to prevent child abuse.

We are proud to welcome you to the CAP blog!

We hope to share with you thoughts from professionals, perspectives on the touchy topics we face everyday, and above all, resources that may help you to build your educated community! Have a specific topic you would like to know more about? Just reach out, we are here to be a resource to you and want to share any knowledge that might help us all better work together to foster a more effective and efficient community response to child maltreatment.

Check back with us soon for more posts, plus follow us on Facebook for updates, and be sure to share posts that are of interest to you. We are excited to be able to further connect with you here, to be able to educate each other, and use our knowledge as a powerful tool to better protect our community.