Giving Tuesday 2023

Join us for Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023!

The Children’s Advocacy Project is incredibly grateful for your consideration of our organization for Giving Tuesday.

Just a little bit goes a long way when we all give together.

Your generosity allows child victims of abuse and maltreatment to receive much needed comprehensive and forensic services so they can begin to heal from their trauma. 

Through October of this year, we have been able to provide 235 forensic interviews for children from 13 Wyoming counties and have provided therapy to 50 child victims and their non-offending family members, all at no cost to the families.  Your generosity has a tremendous impact on Children's Advocacy Project's ability to give these children a voice and help them begin their journey of healing. 

"Child maltreatment can negatively impact a child and their family for a LIFETIME. I am honored to be part of a forward-moving, collaborative organization whose mission is to provide support to child victims and their families. I appreciate that CAP works with multiple agencies in the interest of children's safety and health, while increasing community awareness of child abuse and neglect."

- Children's Advocacy Project Board Member 

"When people think about ways to help children in need, it is often through services that provide basic needs: food, shelter, clothes. While these needs are so important, there is another service I believe is imperative to helping our children, and most people don’t think about it, because they don’t know, or because often it is too hard to think about. Children’s Advocacy Project provides services to help protect our children when they have been through some of the worst trauma. They provide essential interviews after this trauma that had led to countless convictions of child molesters and abusers. Law enforcement relies on CAP’s expertise to gather the information in the best way possible, by working through the trauma, not exacerbating it. CAP also provides counseling. They help the victims and help protect all other children through these services. I can’t imagine our community without this organization and the selfless employees who do this hard work, even if we all wish it wasn’t necessary."

- Community Member

"We live in a world where bad things happen, and when they do the overwhelming emotions for parents & children are so difficult to work through. I will be eternally grateful that CAP was available as a resource to my family when I was at a loss as to how to help my child work through those overwhelming emotions. The staff provides a warm & welcoming environment for every child that comes to CAP. I’ve observed firsthand how my child has benefited from therapeutic services, customized to his individual needs, allowing him to work at his own pace, and develop the skills to manage daily life and thrive after trauma. I know that in the years ahead I will look back at this experience and breathe a sigh of relief that CAP came into our lives and made such a lasting impact on my child."

- Parent of a Therapy Client at the Children's Advocacy Project

Other Ways to Give:

  • Give knowledge: Learning the facts can be the most powerful tool in preventing child abuse.
  • Give your voice: Lend your voice to be an advocate for causes and issues you care about. We have resources to help your voice be heard. Share our FacebookInstagram or our blog posts to help give a voice to child abuse prevention.
  • Give a donation: The Children's Advocacy Project provides services to our victims free of charge. Our vital services would not be possible without your support.

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