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to the Children's
Advocacy Project

CAP is a community response to the devastating impact of child maltreatment.

CAP is a community response to the broad
& devastating impact that child maltreatment
has on individuals & the community.

Who We Are

CAP works to foster a more effective and efficient community response to child maltreatment.


Take part in our annual Shoot Trap for CAP & CAP, Cabernet & Calcutta Fundraiser.


A gift to the Children’s Advocacy Project (CAP) is an investment in the lives of the children we serve.

Maddie's Story

At CAP we give children a chance to let their dreams of a happy, hopeful future take root.

We protect, treat & counsel survivors of severe child maltreatment and support families as their child begins to heal from abuse.

CAP is here to assist children in their journey from victim to survivor. Hear Maddie's story to learn more about that process.

We Work on Behalf of

Children who we have served since opening

Survivors of child sexual abuse in the US

Children who received support & counseling in 2022