Giving Tuesday

Join us for Giving Tuesday on November 29, 2022

Together we can support children.

By giving to the Children’s Advocacy Project, you help us continue to provide support to child victims of abuse and help us to minimize child abuse in Wyoming and surrounding areas.

When you give to the Children’s Advocacy Project, you support justice, healing, advocacy, awareness, and hope. 

Together we can support justice.

By giving to the Children’s Advocacy Project, you help us continue to provide forensic interviews to alleged child victims of abuse.

Forensic interviews are usually the first step when a child has been referred to us. The interviews are conducted by a trained professional to be done in a way that is developmentally sensitive, unbiased and truth seeking. These interviews not only help ensure that a child does not have to tell their story over and over to different people, they also help guide the next steps for the child’s journey to healing, and benefit in gathering information that might be helpful in a criminal investigation.

The Children’s Advocacy Project has conducted 4,719 forensic interviews since opening 20 years ago.

Together we can support healing.

By giving to the Children’s Advocacy Project, you are helping us to continue our work to help minimize further trauma to child victims and their non-offending family members.

We ensure that a child victim and their families or caregivers are referred to a counselor to aid healing from trauma.

In 2021, the Children’s Advocacy Project conducted 354 individual counseling sessions.

Together we can support advocacy.

We work to create a more efficient response to child abuse by working with a team of committed agencies and individual professionals.

That team is made up of The District Attorney Office, Victim Services Office, Law Enforcement, Social Workers, Child Forensic Interviewer, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Therapists, and Child and Family Advocates.

Together we coordinate services in our child-friendly facility to help ensure that child victims and their families are receiving the most effective and timely care.

Together we can support awareness.

By giving to the Children’s Advocacy Project, you help us to continue to be able to provide educational and training opportunities for children and their family to understand the prevalence of abuse, learn how to prevent child abuse, learn the indicators of abuse, and how to appropriately respond if something does happen.

Awareness is the most important step that we can take together to reduce the risk of child abuse in our community, in our schools, and in our families.

Together we can support hope.

By giving to the Children’s Advocacy Project, you help us to continue to provide hope, hope that we can continue to provide justice, healing, advocacy, and awareness to child abuse and child abuse prevention. Along with the hope that one day no child will have to endure the trauma of abuse, but until then, we will continue to provide a safe environment for the children who come through our door to begin to heal.

Together we can give.

Other Ways to Give:

  • Give knowledge: Learning the facts can be the most powerful tool in preventing child abuse.

  • Give your voice: Lend your voice to be an advocate for causes and issues you care about. We have resources to help your voice be heard. Share our Facebook or Instagram or our blog posts to help give a voice to child abuse prevention.

  • Give a donation: The Children's Advocacy Project provides services to our victims free of charge. Our vital services would not be possible without your support.

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