Giving Tuesday
Join us for Giving Tuesday – November 30, 2021

Giving Tuesday was created years ago with the simple idea: a day to encourage people to do good. Whether helping a neighbor, showing up for the people you care about, sharing information about the causes close to your heart, or giving through a donation, Giving Tuesday is a chance for us to give together.

A gift to the Children’s Advocacy Project can help our organization continue to give in ways many can’t even imagine. A gift to CAP is a gift of advocacy, justice, healing, awareness, and hope.  Learn more about what we do and how you can be part of giving this season:


The Children’s Advocacy Project helps to create a more efficient response to child abuse. Through coordinating services with a team of committed agencies and individual professionals, we create a more effective community response to child maltreatment.

We are committed to improving the lives of victims of child abuse and neglect in our community.

Help the us continue to advocate that children of abuse in our community receive the most effective and efficient care.


Forensic interviews are the first step at the Children’s Advocacy Project when there is suspected child abuse or maltreatment.

The interview is conducted in a developmentally-sensitive, unbiased and truth seeking manner that will support accurate and fair decision-making in the criminal justice and child welfare systems. Through a series of non-leading questions, the interviewer gently assesses the child’s communication skills, so the interview is conducted at a level consistent with the child’s developmental abilities.

Forensic interviews obtain information from the child that might be helpful to a criminal investigation and create a case that will hold up in court. Forensic interviews also minimize the number of times a child has to tell their story of abuse, thus lessening the trauma associated with reliving the abuse each time they talk about it.

Help us continue to bring justice to the lives of children who have been hurt by abuse.


Mental health services at the Children’s Advocacy Project not only address the abuse allegations but the needs of specialized population who are victims of sexual/physical abuse. Therapists conduct individual, family, and/or group counseling. By creating a safe, therapeutic relationship, children and their families are able to process their experiences and begin healing from the abuse they have endured.

Unaddressed adverse childhood experiences including trauma and abuse can have lifelong negative effects on both mental and physical health.

Help us continue to bring healing to the lives of children who have been traumatized by abuse.


We work to bring awareness and education to the devastating impact child abuse can have on individuals and a community.

The Children’s Advocacy Project provides training courses to organizations and groups to teach adults how to prevent child abuse, how to recognize abuse, and how to react responsibly to child abuse. CAP also offers in-school trainings for children to be able to understand what abuse looks like and what to do if abuse is happening to them.

Help us continue to bring an increased awareness to preventing child abuse in our community.


In 2020, the CAP team coordinated their efforts and worked to help 314 children as they shared their experience, worked in counseling to address their trauma and for some, found the courage to share in court the trauma they endured. Since opening our doors in 2002, 4,598 children have bravely completed a forensic interview and taken steps towards a brighter future.

The Children’s Advocacy Project continues to have hope that one day there will be a future where children do not have to endure the trauma of abuse. In the meantime, our team will continue to provide a safe environment where children can begin to heal.

Together we can give advocacy, justice, healing, hope and awareness to child victims of abuse and maltreatment in our community.

Other ways to give:

  • Give knowledge: Learning the facts can be the most powerful tool in preventing child abuse.

  • Give your voice: Lend your voice to be an advocate for causes and issues you care about. We have resources to help your voice be heard. Share our Facebook or Instagram or our blog posts to help get the word out to your friends and family and share facts with them.

  • Give a donation: The Children's Advocacy Project provides services to our victims free of charge. Our vital services would not be possible without your support.

  • Give kindness: Wherever you go, whatever you are doing, it costs nothing to give out a little kindness.

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